Yokohama| I Am Your Next Tyre


I Am Your Next Tyre

The challenge

One of our major clients Yokohama has strong awareness in the Australian market, thanks in large part to the campaign we ran in 2016 around the concept of ‘I Am Yokohama’.

This highlighted the benefits of having quality tyres, underscoring the impact they have on safety, performance, comfort and cost. As a result, customers were influenced to ask more questions when choosing their tyres, and the Yokohama brand name was strong.

The client wanted us to take it to the next level in a new campaign for 2018, with a more defined push towards purchasing.

The idea

The ‘I Am Yokohama’ tagline was already so entrenched in the mindset of the consumer, we decided to leverage that advantage and develop it further, with a series of videos containing stronger calls to purchase.

Our talented studio got to work producing two video shorts around the concept of ‘I Am Your Next Tyre’, geared towards two clearly defined audiences: 4WDs/SUVs and Passenger Tyres.

The results

The team put together great copy & a storyboard around the concept of ‘I Am Your Next Tyre’, then gathered footage and film before brilliantly editing it for maximum impact.

The results speak for themselves. The incredible videos highlight the spectacular endurance and performance of Yokohama tyres, along with a clear call to action.

The passenger tyre video has already been launched and has performed extremely well across social media and Google Display. We ran a successful remarketing campaign, plus targeted Yokohama’s key market of men interested in sports and outdoor activities, travel, light car owners and families.

The Facebook campaign has reached 95K users over a month, with about 200K impressions. It also generated 5,290 views of 10 seconds or more, which is strong on such a competitive platform for video. The YouTube campaign also had high visibility, with 70K impressions and +34,500 30 second views – an excellent view rate of 50%.

With the 4WD tyre launching in May 2018, we feel confident that many consumers will now be making their next tyre a Yokohama tyre.