No Baby Steps For This Brand! | One Fine Baby

No Baby Steps For This Brand!

One Fine Baby

The challenge

Each year, One Fine Baby shows are held in both Melbourne and Sydney, featuring some of the best baby-related vendors in Australia. One Fine Baby is the ideal destination for mothers and mothers-to-be. These women desire carefully curated, beautiful (yet practical) products and services designed to meet maternity, infant and toddler needs.

After success in running shows in previous years, the brand wanted to evolve these events and cement themselves as a lifestyle brand, ensuring that their shows are the most creative and stylish in the Australian baby show space.

The challenge for us at headmark was to identify who they wanted to be, their desired target audience, and then move forward with a clear vision of how to bring this new direction to life.

A branding session helped us to narrow the key points down. Once identified, we needed to ensure that through appropriate marketing we were able to encourage an increase in attendees. In the past, their shows were frequented by more experienced mums and bigger families, but we felt that One Fine Baby’s magic comes from helping new mums.

The idea

In order to target the desired audience, we first needed to ensure that we were all on the same page about what that audience looks like. Holding the branding session was a key step in this process, analysing how the brand looks and feels, and considering how we could present One Fine Baby as a premium brand. We then had to work with One Fine Baby to ensure that the selected vendors themselves were reflective of this, as this would be instrumental in ensuring that the desired audience turned up.

First-time mums are often nervous, overwhelmed and excited, and so we wanted the vendors to reflect this and be able to offer solutions to them. We were particularly interested in those soon-to-be mums actively seeking practical and innovative products to ensure their baby’s safety, as well as those looking for beautiful, premium products in keeping with the aesthetic of their homes.

One Fine Baby had focused on traditional marketing in previous years, such as radio advertising and mail drops. We felt that the digital approach was imperative for this campaign, because we could focus on targeting the right audience for their business. Through careful curation of audiences on social media (primarily Facebook and Instagram), we could reach the people who would most match with the selected vendors and One Fine Baby’s vision for who their target audience should be. We utilised Eventbrite for tickets, as its both mobile-friendly and integrates well with Facebook. In addition, we decided that display ads would be a good addition to further raise awareness, placing on relevant sites such as parenting blogs.

The results

The power of digital meant that we were able to reach millions of the right people on social media and through our display ads.

The Melbourne event reached 2.4 million people on Facebook and 1.2 million through display ads. The Eventbrite page had 60,000 views, and emails sent out had an impressive open rate of 43%, which is well above industry average. Sydney’s event also was a smash hit for One Fine Baby, with 2.1 million Facebook impressions, 43,000 viewers of the Eventbrite page, and an email open rate of 32%.

New mums were well represented, with pregnant women accounting for 48% of Sydney attendees and 44% of Melbourne attendees.

Through specific targeting and creative execution, the events yielded the highest turnout rate to date. Both the brand and vendors said that the right audience showed up. In all, turnout increased around 15% across both events based on figures from the previous year.

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