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Renovating for Profit

A Polished Job

The challenge

Renovating for Profit (RFP) – the brainchild of Australian ‘Renovation Queen’ Cherie Barber – provides in-depth property renovation courses. Since 2009, it has trained more than 11,000 students in a disciplined, highly strategic manner in the art of renovating for profit.

RFP came to us because they were ready to take their brand to the next level. They wanted it to reflect their position as market leaders, help them stand out from their competitors and be taken seriously in the field of wealth creation.

The idea

First off, we held a thorough discovery workshop to strip back what the brand wanted to achieve. We also undertook a comprehensive competitor analysis.

As part of this, we discovered that one of RFP’s core USPs is that it is not simply an educational platform. It is an inviting, human community that is impactful and bold.

Our studio got to work creating a brand identity that captured both the level of expertise and the human core of RFP.

We created new typography and a colour palette to express this. The contemporary and modern ‘Effra’ font draws on the foundation of one of the earliest sans-serif fonts commercially available. Evolved for contemporary use, it has clean lines, open proportions and circular characters that hints at a logical basis and expresses modernity.

Truly unique and standing out from the crowd, this font also has the ability to blend perfectly with its surroundings. We used lower case in the new brand guidelines to give RFP a personal, approachable and conversational feel.

The new palette of black, green and blue translates the boldness and strength of the brand with colours that traditionally represent growth and confidence, underpinned by a solid foundation.

Our art direction also included photography that is human, energetic, approachable and vibrant.

The results

The result is a new brand identity that is innovative, exciting, bold, personable, approachable, confident and knowledgeable. It reflects the core of the brand.

It has allowed Renovating For Profit to go out to market with more confidence and truly start taking the brand to the next level.