5 Tips from Google + Industry Leaders on Digital in 2019

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Still resisting the robot invasion? Google made it abundantly clear at an event this week that machine learning – the subset of AI that mimics the human brain – is gathering momentum at an extraordinary pace.

“It’s at the heart of everything we do,” said Google’s Charles Lorrigan at the panel event on “Reaching the Right Audience in 2019,” hosted by Sydney full-service agency headmark.

The panel also featured Natalie Brennan, GM of Muffin Break, Nadean Richards, CEO of One Fine Collective and Sharne Patient, CEO of headmark.

All gave some fascinating insights into how brands can speak directly to their target market.

AI is exploding. Don’t take cover.

Google’s internal AI-driven projects have exploded by around 4000% over the last five years. Machine learning is at the core of this growth.

It’s capable of taking in huge quantities of data, analysing it and making independent decisions based on consumer behaviour.

It’s the solution to big data – and a time machine

This will enable marketers to make sense of complex information, plus integrate communications to consumers who operate across multiple devices and platforms. It will signal the end of “channel silos,” where information lays dormant due to a lack of integration.

It will also give marketers time. Time to focus on strategy and the big ideas, rather than data management and admin.

You need to be brave, kids

The band aid is just a band aid, once it has been ripped off. Companies can be frightened of change, but a big jump into the new world can pay dividends.

Sharne Patient used the example of headmark client Yokohama, who switched off decades of traditional print advertising and successfully took the plunge into digital. This has been a game changer for them, and they are investing more and more in digital year or year – to great results.

Get ready for (many) long-term relationships

Machine learning can turn what was once a one-off transaction into a long-term relationship with a consumer. Yet to fully engage, you need to have moved to a “customer-first” data management system, plus set up the right AI tools.

Human stories are still the key to great content

Both Natalie Brennan and Nadean Richards spoke about true customer engagement flowing from a meaningful brand story.

Brilliant content also doesn’t have to cost a bomb. People will engage with anything that hits home, whether it’s shot in a production studio or on an iPhone.

The machines are getting smarter every day. Are you ready?

By Skye Rytenskild

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