Muffin Break| Making Good Moves

Muffin Break

Making Good Moves

The challenge

Long-term client and iconic Australian brand Muffin Break challenged us to come up with a name and help design a game for their valuable franchisees. The game needed to inject fun into the training process while underscoring key brand values.

Good moves and good times with one of our favourite clients!

The idea

Muffin Break’s motto ‘Good Goes In’ reflects their belief that a little goodness should go into everything they do – from their products to customer service.

We wanted to create a game name that shouted that out from the rooftops (while still being clever and cool). Thus Good Moves was born! A game of skill, learning and fun for Muffin Break franchisees, that will make the brand’s core messages memorable.

Our creative studio then got to work on underscoring those messages through a visually spectacular design to direct the flow of the game.

The results

It’s delivering ideas like this which keeps Muffin Break’s relationship with their franchisee’s fresh and healthy.

We’ve been working with the brand for years to keep their approach innovative. Which is why they keep winning awards. Winning the Roy Morgan Coffee Shop of the Year award two years in a row is a testament to their commitment to staff training and customer service.

Good Moves – Good Business!