Instagram 2.018: Where Does Your Brand Stand?

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Social media continues to rocket along on its merry path, with the constant evolution leaving many brands confused or spread too thinly. To assist, we’ve taken the current temperature of Instagram and zeroed in on where you need to be putting your focus right now.

Instagram’s Got the Younger Crowd

If you’re wondering about where to concentrate your ad spend, let’s look at two of the big kahunas: Facebook and Instagram. As with traditional advertising spend, it depends on your demographic.

While it still remains the largest social media platform, Facebook is experiencing drop off with younger users. US Industry forecaster eMarketer has predicted that Instagram will pick up another 1.6 million users Under 25 in 2018, while it expects Facebook to lose more than 2 million. In addition, while younger users may have active accounts on both, they’re spending a lot more time on Instagram and Snapchat. Engagement is key. So if you’re a young lifestyle brand with limited time and resources, it may be best to focusing on Insta.

We’re also keeping a close eye on Snapchat. There was a lot of doubt last year as to whether it could compete against Instagram, after the latter had huge success with the launch of Instagram Stories and animated filters, both a (very) thinly veiled copy of Snapchat’s key USP. There’s also been some negative feedback on Snap’s new interface and features. However it has continued to grow users in the Under 25 segment, particularly with teenagers. It also recently reported a 72% rise in quarterly revenue, defying expectations and re-igniting confidence in the brand.

However, Facebook and Instagram have both experienced growth with older users so, unless you’re a brand targeted at teenagers, we currently recommend a considered advertising spread between Facebook and Instagram.

Use Instagram Analytics and Ads for Reach

It’s important to keep these demographics in mind when creating ad content for each platform. You should also be checking both your Facebook for Business and Instagram Analytics regularly to see what content is performing. Instagram Insights need to be set up through Facebook but are only visible on your phone. You can also view the performance of your Instagram ads, which are now more and more necessary for reaching your target audience, as organic reach begins to recede. There are a host of other paid online platforms which provide more detailed metrics for Instagram.

Curate Your Instagram Profile - It’s Your New Homepage

We are living in the age of the Digital Content Curator. Hurrah! Professionals who curate social media feeds like art galleries. For good reason. 2018 is the year your Instagram profile begins to say as much about your brand as your website homepage. You need to think about a cohesive aesthetic and brand when it comes to choosing images. Are you about fun memes and groovy content, or do you have a stylish and sophisticated feed? Many brands still have a schizophrenic approach which leads to consumers being confused and ultimately not investing in the brand. Strategise your aesthetic and commit.

If Visual Content is King…Captions Are Queen

Sourcing amazing Imagery isn’t the only component of having an Instagram feed that penetrates. The game is on to create the most original, witty, standout captions on Instagram posts. It has spawned a plethora of meme and caption generators...but we personally still have faith in the human spirit. Technology can’t replace creativity, so if you are able to do so, hire a good copywriter or content producing creative agency.

There’s also plenty of User Generated Content (UGC) around, which you may be able to harness for your brand. An example is how we do it for our client Yokohama Tyres Australia (@yokohamaaustralia). We repost UGC on their popular instagram feed, whether it be offroading 4WD shots in the Northern Territory or racing tyres on the

amateur drifting circuit. It gives Yokohama a geographical reach which would be hard to achieve without UGC. The users also love the regram.

If you’re keen to do the same, make sure you have a Digital Rights Policy in place. Using content without proper attribution is not kosher and can get the online community’s collective noses out of joint. You don’t want to get a reputation as a content thief and get trolled - make sure you and your employees’ attribute all images to their original source and regram using the correct hashtags and handles. If someone asks you to take something down - do it immediately. It’s just good manners.
It’s a jungle out there but we’re excited about Instagram 2.018. We’re a boutique creative agency based in Sydney with an expert digital team - get in touch if you’d like to talk about how your brand can Own the ‘Gram.

Skye Rytenskild


The Guardian