Granite Transformations| Putting the Experts Back in the Kitchen

Granite Transformations

Putting the Experts Back in the Kitchen

The Challenge

Renovations company Granite Transformations’ brand identity & strategy had lost its way. They needed to re-establish themselves as the experts in everyday luxury.

The Idea

Our campaign re-positioned the brand as a dominant force in the marketplace. We amplified their core message of ‘affordable luxury’ and leveraged the power of brand ambassadors Shaynna Blaze and Chrissie Swann.

We created a stylish commercial which played well on TV regionally and across social in Metro, then boosted reach on social using competitions and sophisticated targeting.

We also audited their search and website strategy and identified problematic areas.

The Results

By rectifying massive gaps in their campaign targeting and website content, we’ve increased leads by a whopping 70.4% in Jul-Oct (vs Jul-Oct 2016), with a 40% increase in hard sales.