Braiform| Taking the Humble Coat-Hanger High-End


Taking the Humble Coat-Hanger High-End

The Challenge

Braiform are global leaders in the supply of garment hangers, packaging and GNFR (Goods Not for Resale) solutions to the retail industry.

The company briefed Headmark to design a new Wooden Hanger catalogue for their global customers. Wooden hangers are at the premium end of the Braiform business, often designed bespoke for high-end clients.

Sales had been slow in this area, as clients opted for cheaper hangers. The client wanted us to show the value of the product and help grow business through the UK/AU and European channels.

The Idea

The art direction on this project was underpinned by elegance, aiming to create the look and feel of a premium fashion campaign. The imagery is quite stark, highlighting the unexpected beauty of these wooden coat-hangers – an everyday item which can be forgotten as part of the display process.

We wanted customers to start seeing the wooden hanger as a beautiful frame for a quality product. Knowing that simplicity is the ultimate in sophistication, our studio stripped back the design and font, using US letter in a landscape orientation, creating the illusion of the layout potentially being hung itself.

To give the catalogue a luxe feel, we created a premium logo variation for this brand avenue, giving the bespoke wooden hangers more visual wealth. Instead of the green and blue branding, we used a bronze foiling.

The Result

The overall effect is that it induces the consumer to think differently about wooden coat-hangers as a product.

The catalogue helps them understand the intrinsic worth of a bespoke coat-hanger which offsets garments beautifully and is worth a slightly higher spend. It transforms a pedestrian product into the aspirational.