3 Campaigns from 2017 That Make Us Proud


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It’s been a great year inside our creative think tank on Danks St in Waterloo. As a full-service advertising agency, we’re blessed with an international team of experts specialising in the diverse fields required to produce big ideas - and big results - for brands.

Here are three key campaigns that we are particularly proud of this year.


Putting the Experts Back in the Kitchen: Granite Transformations


Kitchen renovations experts Granite Transformations were themselves in need of a serious overhaul. Our campaign put them back in play as a dominant force in the marketplace.

We amplified their core message of ‘affordable luxury’ and leveraged the power of brand ambassadors Shaynna Blaze and Chrissie Swann. Shaynna appeared in a stylish commercial we made which played very well on regional TV and across social in Metro. We also boosted reach on social using competitions and highly sophisticated targeting.

An important cornerstone of our campaign was the audit of Granite’s search and website strategy. By rectifying massive gaps in their campaign targeting and website content, we increased leads by a whopping 70.4% in Jul-Oct (vs Jul-Oct 2016), with a 40% increase in hard sales.


All the Way with the Pararoos! #GoPararoos


One campaign we’re very proud of in 2017 is highlighting Zest Care’s partnership with the Australian Paralympic Football Team, the Pararoos.

The dual purpose of the campaign was to build awareness of the inaugural three-year partnership and support the Pararoos in their quest to qualify for the World Championships in Argentina.

We created a strong alliance between the values which both Zest Care and the Pararoos represent. Zest Care help families overcome challenges and achieve their goals. Pararoo players are hugely inspiring in the daily dedication they show in triumphing over their disability and playing at an elite level.

We leveraged the relationship with the Football Federation of Australia (FFA) to reach a wider audience, and created strong messaging. Our 360 degree marketing plan incorporated social media, extensive video, blogs, press releases, coordinated branding and special event days.

We also produced a series of ‘60 Seconds With’ videos with the team members to raise awareness of individual players.

The result has been a massive swell in awareness and support for the team. This can be seen in the social media response, messages of support and increased traffic to the Zest Care website. Our social media campaigns also resulted in an 88.5% increase in the number of followers on the Zest Care page.


Turning Up the Heat: Montezuma’s Mexican

Montezuma’s Mexican restaurants have been established as a brand for almost forty years - but they were feeling tired. They challenged us to enliven the brand and translate who they are visually and linguistically across the franchise network.

We need to communicate successfully with customers, streamline the messaging and achieve cut-through in a competitive market.

To truly understand, we held a full-day discovery session with them to challenge some of their assumptions, which informed the construction of a twelve-month marketing plan.

An important component was fresh content production, with a video/photoshoot to capture high quality imagery to use in upcoming campaigns. Our design team tackled the website, giving it a contemporary and zesty refresh. This flowed into a dynamic social media program and new Instagram strategy.

To achieve unity across the network, we created a video for franchisees and consolidated their social media platforms into a cohesive whole. Part of the reason we did this is to improve the functionality of established systems, to improve customer experience.

We also created a successful digital advertising campaign - the first time the chain had been in this space.

Here’s to hoping that 2018 matches up to 2017! We’re looking forward to producing bigger and better results than ever.